Seasonal subscriptions are always available but in limited quantities.



It would be too complicated to list here all the conditions and categories of subscriptions available at our club.

In short, we offer subscriptions for individuals or couples, for admission 4 or 7 days a week.   



You would like to buy a seasonal subscription but we don't have any more availabilities for that season ? Or you would like to play several games to "test" our course before you subscribe ? Then here's an alternative :

Buy one of our "Forfaits 10/30" packages. They are simply individual "pass cards", in packages of 10 or 30, valid 4 or 7 days a week, to play our course on foot, or using a prepaid cart. All of this at a reduced price.

You can use them for yourself, or share them with friends. It is a perfect way to play more often, for a lesser price, even if you dont have a seasonal subscription.

Call us ahead to obtain details and get them prepared before you come pick them up.